Mission Statement

As disciples of the Lord, open to the movement of the Spirit, we are called to promote the kingdom of God as a viable option for the people of San Lucas. Based on the life of Jesus, revealed in the Scriptures and reflected in the inherent spirituality of the people, we seek to facilitate each person’s and each community’s spiritual journey through the celebration of the sacraments and a life of mutual service.

As Jesus responded to the people and their needs, we believe it is our mission also to respond to the expressed felt needs of the people of San Lucas and of the surrounding areas that form the larger community.

In our response, we include the individuals with specific needs who come to the mission seeking help. Our purpose is to deal with both the immediate effects of poverty and their root causes.

Recognizing that all of us are made in the image and likeness of God, our goal is to enhance and enrich the whole person. Thus, we promote the dignity, self-respect, and development of the people we have been called to serve. This is a step by step process which shows itself in educational, medical, nutritional, spiritual, and socio-economic planning and programs.

As a cross-cultural parish we are aware of the rich heritage of the Guatemalan people and recognize that the process of on-going conversation for all of us is facilitated by the mutual sharing of cultural values and spiritual insights.

Thus, we recognize we are called to be a bridge, to share with our brothers and sisters in the United States of America who have been associated with our mission, either as members of the Diocese of New Ulm or as benefactors, by offering hospitality, and by sharing the culture, struggles, hopes, and aspirations of the people of Guatemala.

Within our mission we constantly seek alternative ways to peace and justice that are based on the interdependence of people who share their gifts and resources in an atmosphere of Christian love.