2017 Annual Report

A few highlights from the year...2017 Annual Report - short.pdf

January 2018

Meet two families who have received a concrete block house this past year and two who are in need of a house...Jan Newsletter final C.pdf

November 2017

A message from our principal and highlighting a couple of our teachers...November 2017 Newsletter Final.pdf

August 2017 

A message from Heather Statz... read more August Newsletter Final.pdf

May 2017

"Fr. Greg began Juan Ana Coffee project 25 years ago as a natural extension of his integrated development program: health care, education, home construction, and land for growing food and a cash crop." more     Newsletter - Coffee Program May 2017 Final.pdf

2016 Year End Report

"It’s now been almost five years since the untimely death of Fr. Greg Schaffer, and the people in and around the San Lucas Mission continue to deeply and profoundly miss his presence and his guidance." 2016 Year End Report final.pdf

Christmas Letter 2016

"Christmas time is a time for remembering and reflecting.....Christmas GreetingsB.pdf

Thanksgiving Message - November 2016

"You truly are the ‘hands and feet of Jesus’ in our very needy world. May we always thank God for the wonderful blessings he has bestowed on us." Read more...Thanksgiving Day Prayer.pdf

August 2016

"We want to introduce you to just a few of the many employees at the mission that help provide our guests and visitors a unique and wonderful experience when they visit San Lucas."  Read more....

Newsletter - Visitors Program Final .pdf

May 2016

The response to our new Charity with Dignity Program’s Project for building new wooden homes for those most in need was remarkable.  We shared this program in our July Newsletter and since then your generosity had made it possible to help 21 families receive new houses over the last 9 months!

Newsletter MAY 2016.pdf

March 2016

As Father Greg would often say, “Children are the vitamins of humanity.” The precious little ones of San Lucas sustain us, make us strong, and help us grow both spiritually and emotionally.  Our elementary school, Colegio Monsignor Gregorio Schaffer, provides a safe, nurturing and academically challenging space for these vital members of the San Lucas community. Newsletter March 2016 final.pdf

VIP Trip To San Lucas

"Come and See" San Lucas. Spend a week learning the culture, seeing the projects and walking beside the people of San Lucas

VIP TRIP San Lucas Tolimàn 2016.pdf

Easter Message 2016 

We wish you a blessed and peace-filled ‘Semana Santa’ and a ‘Feliz Domingo de Resurrección’. Easter Letter to donors 2016 -3.pdf

February 2016

The Friends of San Lucas’s goal continues to be to help keep Fr. Greg Schaffer’s dreams and visions alive in Guatemala and continue his legacy of helping the poorest of the poor, by living out the Gospel message.  Year End Letter 2015 final.pdf

January 2016  Mission of Love Campaign

Let all that you do be done in Love  - 1st Corinthians 16:14  mission of love-2016 .pdf

October 2015

Fall is upon us! In San Lucas there is a hum of activity as local farmers prepare for harvest time!! As the people say, the happy season is drawing near!! A time when more work is available and more families can find work!... “The coffee program is extremely important to the people of San Lucas.”

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July 2015

"The San Lucas Mission has a new ‘program’ we are calling ‘Charity with Dignity’.  Emi Tun and Alberto Jacinto are in charge of searching out the ‘poorest of the poor’ and those most in need, in San Lucas and the surrounding 22 communities that we service."

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May 2015

"The new housing project started at the mission in January, follows this concept of returning human dignity to the ‘poorest of the poor’. We are so grateful to all the people that have contributed towards building a house for one of these very needy families." 

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March 2015

"‘Guicha’ was hired as director of the Women’s Center to transform it into what Fr. Greg dreamed it could be...." 

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December 2014

"Every once in a while it is good to sit back and 'count your blessings'. After all, we are celebrating the greatest blessing know to the history of creation. Jesus the Christ has come to bring divinelife to all of mankind. Indeed there is no greater blessing." - Fr. Greg 1995

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October 2014

"...I am eager to talk to as many of you as possible, about the exciting future at the mission. We can only continue operating the mission with your ongoing prayers and financial support. We are so grateful to you all for everything you have done over the years to keep Fr. Greg's hopes and dreams alive. I know he must be smiling down from heaven, thanking each of you for your continuing help and prayers."

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August 2014

One of Fr. Greg's great accomplishments at the mission is the medical care that is provided to so many people in and around San Lucas. The "Health Promoter Program" is one of the pieces of the overall medical care that the mission facilitates. Many individuals and groups have helped develop, support and provide professional services to the communities near San Lucas. We are so grateful to all the medical groups, surgical teams, doctors, nurses and others, who continue to bring these very needed services to the people of Guatemala.

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June 2014

Fr. John Goggin's 50th Jubilee - May 30th, 1964 - 2014

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April 2014

"We continue to be so grateful to you, our donors, for your ongoing support of Fr. Greg's mission. It continues to grow and progress in so many wonderful ways."

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Easter Greetings to you from the 'Friends of San Lucas'

"The Great gift of Easter is Hope - Christian hope, that gives us the confidence in God and in his unshakable goodness and love, which nothing can shake."

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February 2014

Fr. Greg Schaffer began his relationship with the people of Guatemala through San Lucas Toliman Mission over 50 years ago, in 1963. Guatemala is a country of striking contrast. Breathtakingly beautiful countryside abuts desperate poverty. His work started with the recognition and appreciation of the rich Mayan culture and the heartfelt understanding that God's love is for all.

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End of the Year Report- 2013

Friends of San Lucas End of the Year Report

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Christmas Letter 2013

“Padre, Jesus sent Mary to feed us. God takes care of the People. He will take care of us now. You must have faith, you must have hope. Mary gave Jesus to this World to show us love and hope. You must have hope. People know Jesus. People are good. People will help. You must have hope.“ - Marta

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November 2013

We want to thank everyone who participated in our first annual Gala Fundraising Event in Hutchinson. For those that were present at the event, for those that donated to the auction items, to those that prayed for its success; to all, we are so very grateful. It was a wonderful testament to the memory of Fr. Greg and all he accomplished in his lifetime at the San Lucas Mission. The successes that have occurred at the Mission since his death have been made possible by all of you -- by your prayers and financial donations. We can't begin to thank you enough for your continuing contributions to Fr. Greg's mission. May God Bless you always.

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September 2013

Rafael discovered on his trip, that although we live in a world full of technology, wars, different cultures, poor and rich, many hospitals work with donations, grants and aid. His time at the Mayo Clinic and Stanford taught him that there are many people involved in many aspects of healthcare and research, but especially in service of… as Father Greg would say, the common good.

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July 2013

“The greatest teaching of Fr. Greg’s was that he taught us to see in every human being the face of Jesus; during all my years of being a priest, I had not understood the great mystery of the passion and death of Jesus; but when I saw the suffering of Fr. Greg at the hospital and how he suffered for love of us, you could understand what it is: to give one’s life for one’s friend.” Fr. John Goggin

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Special Announcement- May 2013

Joint announcement by Bishop LeVoir and Arch Mrkvicka

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May 2013

Dear Friends, We are so grateful to all of you, as you continue to support Fr. Greg’s work at the San Lucas Mission. He was always so grateful to everyone that helped out, in big ways and in small. I would like to add my ‘muchas gracias’ to his, for your kindness and overwhelming support.

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End of the Year Report- 2012

San Lucas Mission 2012 End of the Year Report

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November 2012

During this season of gratitude, we would like to sincerely thank you for all of your past support. Fr. Greg was always, always, so grateful, to everyone for small and large donations alike. May this Thanksgiving week be a blessed and peaceful time for you and your families.

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October 2012

Fr. Greg knew and was conscious of the value of the traditions and needs of our people. Through his generosity he distributed pieces of land to many different families to grow corn to feed their families and cultivate coffee for a small cash crop.

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September 2012

In Loving Memory of Fr. Greg Schaffer
January 29, 1934 - May 24, 2012

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April 2012

"I told you to wait and see, Padre, I know my People. I have confidence in them!" - Luis Garcia

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March 2012

"We come to know, we come to learn, we come to bless one another in the Kingdom of God on Earth" - Fr. Greg

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February 2012

"If I could bring home anything, anything, I would bring home his eyes, and maybe, in a fashion, I did. Because now I notice the beauty of the simple gifts throughout the day the joy of friendship he ability to love one another and giving thanks for what I have. At the very least my friend, when you look at the picture, and into his eyes, tell me, will you be able to see how, he is our brother?" - Michaela Andrews

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January 2012- 2 of 2

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January 2012- 1 of 2

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Christmas Letter 2011

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Winter 2011

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Spring 2011

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End of the Year Report- 2010

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Winter 2010

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Fall 2010

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Summer 2010

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Special Announcement - May 2010

Tropical Storm Agatha

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Spring 2009

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Fall 2008

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