Individual Volunteers

The experience of a volunteer at the San Lucas parish is focused on learning. In working alongside Guatemalans and accompanying them in their daily activities, volunteers can learn about the richness of Mayan culture, the work of the mission, and life in Guatemala.

Volunteers come to be a part of mission projects, form relationships in the community and learn about the community development efforts of the San Lucas Mission. In being a part of this cross-cultural exchange, we hope that volunteers grow in their faith, and become more open, aware, and educated global citizens.

Short-term individual volunteers are those who spend 7 weeks or less in San Lucas. Long-term volunteers are those who make a commitment for 2 months or more. The application process is different depending on how long an individual wants to be in San Lucas.

Volunteer Work & Parish Life

The average day for a long-term volunteer will vary during the course of his/her time at the mission. Volunteers are encouraged to take part in various projects headed by the Guatemalan directors, including but not limited to gardening, construction, coffee processing & picking, and work at the Women's Center. Initiative is required on the volunteer's part to involve him/herself, though the Volunteer Coordinator will help in facilitating the experience.

As long-term volunteers more experienced in the culture and being familiar with mission projects, philosophy, and policy are helpful as they often act as resources to the various short-term visitors that come to the mission.

Long-term volunteers also participate in weekly reflection sessions held in the mission, which may focus on volunteering, Guatemalan history or culture, faith, or any other issues relative to life in San Lucas; these sessions are coordinated by the volunteers themselves. Those who wish to stay in San Lucas for three months or more are subject to a three-month re-evaluation of their presence. More information about this will be provided during the application process.

Room and Board

Depending on the number of volunteers present, a single or shared (one other person) room is provided. Currently, volunteers live communally in one of two houses rented from a member of the community. Homestays are not available. All volunteers and staff members share meals prepared by staff at the Mission. There are phones in the mission offices to call the States, wifi is available but not always dependable – there are several internet cafes available in town which usually cost around $1.25/hour.


Although it is technically not required that volunteers be fluent in Spanish before they arrive, it is highly suggested that volunteers achieve at least proficient/conversational Spanish before their arrival, as interaction and relationships with local community members are a crucial component of the long-term volunteer experience. We recommend that volunteers 1) arrive with a plan to strengthen their Spanish skills 2) have at least basic background in the language (beginning college courses, for example), and/or 3) attend language school in Xela or Antigua for 3+ weeks prior to arriving in San Lucas. The language schools in Xela and Antigua are among the best in Central America, but classes in San Lucas are limited. Keep in mind that admission to the program is competitive, and language ability is considered in the process.


The cost of volunteering varies depending on the amount of time you are hoping to spend in San Lucas. Please how long you would like to visit us.

Money can be exchanged in the mission office preferably in check form. Long-term volunteers need not apply for a work visa – a tourist visa can be acquired upon entry and renewed every 3 months in Guatemala City or by leaving the country. Volunteers are required to cover the fee for their visa renewals (approximately $50).

In order to get the most out of the long-term volunteer program, it is important that individuals come with an open mind and be willing to engage in a variety of activities. It is important to invest effort into relationships both within the San Lucas community and also within the people involved with the mission. To humbly come to learn, grow, accompany, and serve with a positive attitude and some patience will ensure a rich and meaningful experience.

Travel Information: Up-to-date information about traveling to and from Guatemala can be found at the Department of State’s Guatemalan Travel Information Page.


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